Ofir Weisse

Contact: OWeisse (at) umich.edu

I finished my PhD at the University of Michigan, advised by prof. Baris Kasikci and prof. Thomas F. Wenisch. I currently work for Google Cloud, kernel team, making the cloud faster and safer. My publications include NDA, Foreshadow (L1TF), HotCalls, and WALNUT. I am also interested in operating systems, virtualization, and anything low-level.

Academic Work

Open Source Projects

Previous Employers

University Of Michigan, PhD. Dissertation

Google Cloud S&P - PhD intern, experimenting with booting Windows from Linux. See Open Source Projects. I demoed this PoC at osfc.io.

VMWare Research - Research intern, optimizing TLB shootdown algorithms in Linux kernel

Microsoft Research - Research intern, developing framework for security analysis and interoperability testing for miTLS (part of Microsoft's Everest project)

Intel - security researcher on SGX and BiosGuard technologies

Tel-Aviv University - Researcher and TA


PhD in Computer Science, University of Michigan. Advised by Thomas Wenisch and Baris Kasikci. Dissertation

MSc in Computer Engineering, Tel-Aviv University, Israel.
Graduated Cum Laude, 2010-2014

BSc in Computer Engineering, Technion - Israel Institude of Technology, Israel.
Graduated Cum Laude, 2003-2007

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