Open Source Projects

Below are some tools and projects I have written over the years.


Booting (kexec'ing) Windows on LinuxBoot/u-root

As part of my internship at Google Cloud S&P I created a proof-of-concept Linux modification which allows kexec'ing (booting) Windows from Linux. I will demo this PoC at See golem and phoronix articles.

See instructions at Notice the code is on kexec_test branch.

Modification of Linux kexec syscall


A fast alternative interface for SGX secure enclaves. Based on ISCA 2017 HotCalls paper.


SGX CryptoWrapper

A Python wrapper for SGX crypto production library - sgx_tlibcrypto. While the "sample_libcrypto" in SGX sources is marked not for production use, the crypto code used inside the secure enclaves and the trusted libraries is golden (and licenced for re-use). The wrapped C++ code uses the production IPP crypto libraraies. Be aware that when using python scraping secrets from memory is not trivial.



A Python wrapper for Signal-Hound API for Specturm-Analyzers (BB60C and SA124B) and Tracking-Generator (TG124A), including some basic FFT analysis code.



A Matlab wrapper for Saleae logic analyzer network API.


DPA v4 Contest Submission

The DPA contest candidate as submitted. Includes the constraint solver described in CHES 2014, and decoders that were described in the HASP 2013 work


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